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3 Critical Keys To Lead Your People Out Of Their Unending, Unnecessary, and Unproductive Drama, for Good.

Now that you have completed the workshop, here 
are resources, movies and more for you.​


Right Vs. Wrong

High Noon Video

Dudley Do-Right Cartoon

Depicting the Drama Triangle

Karpman's Drama Triangle

At Work

Karpman's Drama Triangle From Drama To Presence

Staff Training Video


Pamela's Full Training
Stop Employee Conflict Today Staff Training

PDF of 1 hour workshop

Stop Employee Conflict Today

PDF of 1 day workshop with instructor notes

If you would like Pamela to teach the one hour Stop Employee Conflict Today workshop to your team live via ZOOM, reach out to her here.

Karpman's Drama Triangle Resource Sites
Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer
Handle Team Conflict
Management Drama Triangle
The Karpman Drama Triangle
View Resource
The Faces Of Victim
The Dreaded Drama Triangle
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