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Our complete intake procedure

Please click on a link to download your pdf, listen to the audio, or watch the video.


  • Before a private client agrees to work with you, you'll need a way to take their money. Ideally, this money is initially deposited into your business account.  

We use BAMS as our credit card processing interface (we have found that they do all the work and keep us current with all processing requirements and can find better rates than going directly through the card processing companies). For a corporate client, you may have to send them an invoice.

  • Use a Client Intake Outline during in-person, Zoom, or phone interviews to determine if you both are a good fit. This is the basic format Pamela follows to onboard new clients.

  • After terms are agreed upon, BEFORE you leave the call, go to your credit card processing link and input their card, the draw start date (preferably today), how many months (unless full-pay) and whatever else your processor needs.

  • You'll need a Calendar and Scheduling System available to schedule interviews and future coaching sessions. We recommend using Google Calendar and Calendly for Scheduling.

  • Have your new client go to your Calendar scheduling link and book their first session to be held within 4 days of the signup call. Encourage them to book at least 3 months out. Our scheduling system gives them a link to a coaching call prep form to be completed prior to each coaching session. This keeps your client engaged and ready for your call. 

A welcome letter is considered a client "touch". The more client "touches" you have, the more secure the client feels in their arrangement with you. This is very important to establish your professionalism and your earnestness with them.


You can view the P&T client coaching agreement as an example, but recommend you to seek legal advice on building your own agreements, disclaimers, statements of work and proposals. We are not responsible for anything you adapt from our agreements (see our terms of agreement). Nor do we claim the legality of your agreements based on our own documents. Please look at this link for legal template recommendations Legal Website Warrior

  • OPTIONAL Powerful & True has a coaching STARTUP PAGE that includes our third "touch" for the client. It is a handy place for you and the client to refer to for handy resources.

Intake Walk Through

Powerful & True's step-by-step process to prepare for client intake

Intake Tools

Before you bring on a new client, make sure you have all the resources you need in place. Below are the resources we use with every client.

What You'll Need Before You Start

A Must...


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