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Shoot Video


In order to know what you want to say on your company videos script, it is imperative that you have a plan. Your video is all about building trust and relationship and getting visitors to take a baby-­step towards you. Become very clear on what SINGLE action you want your website visitor to take. Baby­steps does not mean sign up for a $10,000 a month coaching program the moment they land on your website.

Start your company video with trust building; usually offer something free, or close to it.

Have them call for a free consultation. Once you have the single action you want your visitor to take, begin writing the rest of your video script.


  • List what the TOP 3 most pressing problems your market has. 

  • List what are the TOP 3 biggest results they want? 

  • Write why you and your website are right place (your distinctive purpose, your unique selling point). 

  • Write one no­-cost action for them to take immediately


(I started writing it about window-cleaning just to give you an idea. If your web person has an idea you like better ­go with it, ­this is just to get you started)

“I bet you have been putting off getting your windows done for too long, all along feeling the mounting pressure of you not being able to see outside (or whatever their biggest put off's have been). 

You have probably even gone as far as watching how often other people get their windows cleaned and secretly wondered if you can afford to get your windows professionally cleaned – as most home­washed windows look just like you are thinking. 

You also decidedly want to be a step above your neighbors – your windows need to be sparkling to send the right message about you and the way you like to keep your home. (or talk about that big dinner party that is coming up or Holiday party). 

(3 problems and 3 results) All you have to do is listen to our customers raving about the work we do. You are going to love how clean we leave your home ­ and how squeaky clean your windows will look ­ even those really hard to reach ones. Sound good? We'd like to do this for you! 

(Why they have come to the right place) 

And if you are worried about (whatever people worry most about), I made it really simple for you, just fill in the box below and we will call you to schedule a window cleaning within the next 24­hours (Christmas and Easter are the exceptions). You will find that you can be the star of your own neighborhood, your windows will love you!”

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